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Ryan Benjamin!

Ryan Benjamin is a professional comic book artist. He began his career in 1993 working for Image Comics on the title Inside Image, where he also worked for WildStorm Productions. In 1996 he was hired by Marvel Comics and worked on some titles including Iron Man, Captain America and Cable. Shortly after, he started working for Dark Horse Comics on the title Ghost, where he contributed to the crossover with DC Comics Ghost/Batgirl. His first published work for DC was in 2007 on the title Teen Titans. Later on he would work on titles like Detective ComicsBatmanBatman and the Outsiders and a few more.

Most recently, Benjamin has been working for DC on titles like Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman and New Suicide Squad.

Ryan will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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For more information about Ryan and his work check out his website: LINK

Special Guest Artist:


Mike McKone!

Hailing from England, Mike McKone’s first published work was for DC Comics’ Justice League of America and Marvel Comics’ Punisher series. Over the years since he has illustrated almost every major character for the big two publishers, including lengthy runs on Teen Titans, Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. Recent projects were the Avengers: Endless Wartime and Justice League United. Now residing in the US, McKone is working on a creator owned project while providing covers and merchandising illustrations for clients such as Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Valiant, Dorling Kindersley and Converse.

Recently Mike completed 27 exclusive covers for Marvel Comics Star Wars saga spanning series! You can read more about it here on Star Wars.com website: https://www.starwars.com/news/mike-mckone-star-wars-covers


For more information about Mike check out his Twitter: HERE

Mike will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Commission Fee: TBA

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Sean Chen!

Special Guest Artist:


Sean Chen has been a major part of the comic book industry for over two decades. He started out at Valiant Comics, having been discovered by the legendary Barry Windsor Smith. His debut book, Rai And the Future Force, topped the charts with over 800,000 copies sold. He then moved on to Harbinger and Bloodshot before landing on their flagship title X-O Manowar.

In 1998, Chen found a new home at Marvel where he started what would become the longest run of his career working on Iron Man: Heroes Return.

For the next decade, Chen remained at Marvel and had his hands on a number of titles, including Elektra, Sensational Spiderman, Nova, and the Avengers. Chen is particularly adept at adapting his style to feel at home on a wide variety of books.

This skill was really showcased as he began to draw covers. His diverse art style allowed him to switch with ease on covers ranging from the pulp look of The Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment to the modern high-tech look of Transfomers for IDW, to the beautiful women of the Zenescope titles.

He currently lends his talents to all manner of comics related projects and advertising storyboards including Batman Beyond for DC Comics


For more information about Sean check out his Instagram: HERE

Sean will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Commission Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Artist: 

Freddie Williams  II



In 2005, Freddie began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award winning series Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle. He’s probably best known for illustrating a series of fun and improbable crossovers: The New York Times best selling “Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” “HeMan / ThunderCats” and “Injustice VS Masters of The Universe”, as well as writing the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics.






Freddie  will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Commission Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Artist:

Jeremy Colwell!


Jeremy Colwell is a professional artist and a Washington Native. Trained as a fine arts painter, he enjoys using those skills in his life-long goal of working in comics. His coloring and inking have been printed by many indie and mainstream publishers, as well as included in various gallery shows. He is active in the education system, using art and graphic literature to foster a love of reading and visual exploration in young people.

Jeremy has been one of the busiest comic colorists in the business working on sold out fan favorites such as Batman/TMNT (series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 co-published by DC Comics and IDW Comics. Additional popular titles include He-Man/Thundercats series, Injustice vs Masters of the Universe and Scarab from DC Comics


For more information about Jeremy check out his Facebook page: HERE

Jeremy will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Commission Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Artist:

Matthew Clark!


Matthew Clark is a comic book artist from Oregon. Clark started his career in earnest in 1997 working at the art studio Studiosaurus, doing the grunt work for several artist drawing backgrounds and inking them. In 1999, Matthew became the regular artist on DCs Wonder Woman. For a year he drew princess Diana adventures. Following that with Felon from Top Cow with future, multiple times, collaborator Greg Rucka. They worked on several projects together over the years. Over the years Clark has virtually draw most of the main DC characters and titles, with some of the best writers working in comics. Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Kurt Busiek, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and many others. Matthews work can be seen in such titles as Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Superman/Batman, Outsiders, one shots and annuals. Recently Clark has worked on Kurt Busiek's Astro City, Green Arrow and Justice League.

For more information about Matthew check out his FB site: HERE

Matthew will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Artist:

Rick Hoberg!

Rick Hoberg began his career in the mid-1970s, working for Russ Manning on Tarzan comic books for overseas distribution (1975–1976). Shortly afterward, Hoberg began freelancing for Marvel Comics via Roy Thomas. This included penciling on Kull The Destroyer, Savage Sword Of Conan, What If...?, & Star Wars. Hoberg mainly drew for such DC Comics in the 1980s working on titles such as All-Star Squadron, Batman, Brave And The Bold, Captain Carrot, Checkmate, DC Challenge, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, New Gods, and Justice League Annuals.  He later co-created and pencilled Eternity Smith at Hero Comics. Rick also contributed to Roger Rabbit at Disney’s short lived comics line. In the 1990s, Hoberg co-created The Strangers with Steve Englehart for Malibu’s Ultraverseline. He worked on it until the line was shut down upon being acquired by Marvel. In 2002–2003, Hoberg worked with Stefano Gaudiano on the art for the Batman Family series for DC Comics.

For more information about Rick check out his website: HERE

Rick will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Artist:

Bre Gotham!

Bre Gotham is an artist based out of Coeur d’alene, specializing in character design and pop art influence. She’s currently working as a freelance artist. As an active member of the art community, Bre is co-founder of the North Idaho Artists group and has established herself as a supporter of the arts around the northwest . Bre has a fan base on Instagram of over 80k and counting. Current projects include an art book and a tutorial series on YouTube.

You view more of Bre's work on her FB page: HERE

Bre will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Artist:

Blacky Shepherd!


Blacky Shepherd is a professional comic book artist from Seattle, WA. Blacky completed work for Dynamite Entertainment on the hit comic series "Pumpkinhead" continuing the story from the cult classic movie (1988) of the same name. Prior to that Blacky was the artist on the popular comic series "Voltron: From the Ashes" and "Vampirella vs ReAnimator". Now Blacky is working on upcoming run for "Transformers" for IDW. 

You can learn more about Blacky's work on his Facebook page: HERE

Blacky will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Artist: 

Gary Martin!

Gary Martin started his career in comics as a background inker for DC in 1980. Since then he's inked for all the major companies, including Marvel, Disney, Dark Horse, Image, and Archie. His body of work includes: Blue Devil, Doom Patrol, Brave and the Bold, Spider-Man, Hulk, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and recently, Sonic the Hedgehog.


Gary was nominated for a Harvey Award for his inks over Steve Rude's Nexus, and is best known for his popular how-to book entitled, “The Art Of Comic Book Inking”. Gary also authored an eight volume graphic novel series called, "The Son Of Samson".


Currently, Gary is drawing stories for "Full Mag: Veterans Stories Illustrated", and a monthly comic strip for the "American Legion" magazine.

Gary will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Commission Fee: TBA

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James O'Barr: Unable to Attend as of 1.8.20

1.8.20 Update: James O'Barr is unable to attend due to a previous commitment. James plans to make it up to everyone and join us 2021. He apologizes for any inconvenience


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