2019 Special Celeb Guests:

2020 Special Cosplay Guests:

Special Cosplay Guests:

Rogues Gallery Fitness!


"We are Aaron & Julie of Rogues Gallery Fitness Cosplay, a married couple from the Pacific Northwest who have been cosplaying seriously for about two years.  Our shared love of geek fandoms inspired us to dress up as our favorite characters from childhood and beyond, as well as a desire to better ourselves physically with healthy lifestyle changes.  Cosplay motivates our fitness and vice versa - together we've lost over 130lbs and are always looking to improve.  Together we have completed over 100 cosplays from movies, TV, comic books, video games, anime and more.  We love experimenting and learning new building and making skills, including sewing, leatherwork, foam crafting, 3d modeling and printing, painting, weathering, and more!  Our favorite part about this hobby is meeting all the wonderful people who share the same geeky passions, and learning and growing as crafters & makers.  We are humbled and honored to be a part of this year's Lilac City Comicon!" -Aaron & Julie

Sponsored by Secret Fortress Comics!

For more information about Rogue Gallery Fitness check out their Facebook Page: HERE

Rogue Gallery Fitness will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday at Secret Fortress Comics Booth. 

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Special Cosplay Guests:

Sionnach Studios!


Sionnach Studios is a Seattle-based costume, prop, and set design and fabrication studio helmed by award winning artists Heather Robb (The Feathered Hart) and Will James (Billythebrick Cosplay). They make everything from screen accurate replica costumes and props to custom designed cosplay and even props and sets for use on the big and small screen

Sponsored by Secret Fortress Comics!

For more information about Sionnach Studios check out their Facebook Page: HERE

Sionnach Studios will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday at Secret Fortress Comics Booth. 

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Special Guests: Team Time Car.com

DeLorean Time Machine!


Paul "Doc" Nigh and Reba "Clara" Nigh are the owners of a replica DeLorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future. They are regular cast members on the Amazon Discovery TV Show "The Fireball Run" also known as "The Race to Recover America's Missing Children." They make a regular appearance each year for the last 10 years on the Hollywood Christmas Parade and do personal appearances across America. "The most loved and booked DeLorean Time Machine in the world" --TMZ



2017 with Doc in Ripley's "Believe it or Not" all of page 7, Fox Network TV Show "The Last Man on Earth", Discovery Channel "The Universe", Owl City Music Video "Deer in the Headlights". Top car magazine "The Robb Report", Heavy Metal Magazine "Revolver" with Musical group "Bullet for my Valentine" with appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, Hallmark Channel, NFL.com, and much more.



Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ability First, Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, Miracle Children's Network, Cops 4 Kids, CHiP's for Kids, Toys for Tots, Down Syndrome Foundation, and much more.

You can learn more about Team Time Car on their WEBSITE: www.TeamTimecar.com

Their DeLorean Time Machine will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Sitting Fee: $10

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Special Cosplay Guest:

Maddeningly Hatted!

Although relatively new to the Pacific Northwest, Maddy (“MaddeninglyHatted”) has been making geeky crafts and creating costumes since she was a little girl. She started making more elaborate costumes in her college dorm room and since moving out for graduate school has begun to challenge herself by creating elaborate needlework and armor cosplays. Her cosplays range from complex armor builds with LEDs and resin work from video games such as World of Warcraft to anime-inspired designs from classic shows like Sailor Moon or JRPGs like Fire Emblem. She hand-makes all her armor, props, and fabric pieces and often posts easy-to-follow tutorials on Instagram and Facebook. Her costumes and tutorials have been featured by crafting brands such as Plaid Crafts and Arda Wigs, and she has been published multiple times by Cosplay Realm Magazine. At cons she is always happy to chat about how to make wild and magical designs into a reality, navigating the stress and negativity of being creative on the internet, and get way too excited about pretty much anything.

For more information about Maddyl check out her Facebook page: HERE

Maddy will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Cosplay Guest:

Ashley Greer!

Ashley is a local personal trainer, fitness instructor as well as a bodybuilding competitor. She enjoys Marvel movies, slaying Dragons in Skyrim and eating all the donuts. 

For more information about Ashely check out her Instagram page: HERE

Ashley will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday flying around the show floor. 



October 2nd-3rd, 2021

Spokane Convention Center | Spokane, WA

Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm, Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

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