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Special Guest Actor:

Sean Gunn!


Actor and writer Sean Gunn is known for his role as Kraglin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  In addition to portraying Kraglin, Sean also provided motion reference for Rocket Raccoon in both Guardians films and also Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which shattering box office records worldwide. His first film was in Troma Films’ Tromeo and Juliet where he played Sammy Capulet. He has worked alongside his brother, writer and director James Gunn, on The Specials, Super, the video game Lollipop Chainsaw and The Belko Experiment in addition to the Guardians films. 

Sean also has had many television roles, most endearingly as the quirky Kirk Gleason on Gilmore Girls and the Netflix original Gilmore Girls Revival. He has also appeared on  Any Day Now, DAG, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Going to California, Yes, Dear, October Road, Glee, Bunheads, Bones and more. Look for Sean in the upcoming DC comics film The Suicide Squad

For more information on Sean check out his IMDB page HERE

Sean will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Actor:

Jon Heder!


Jonathan Joseph "Jon" Heder is an American actor and producer. His feature film debut came in 2004 as the title character of the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. He has also acted in the films Ghost Team, Walt Before Mickey as Roy Disney, The Benchwarmers, School for Scoundrels, Blades of Glory, Mama's Boy, and When in Rome, and provided voice talents in the animated films Monster House, and Surf's Up, as well as Pickle and Peanut,  Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and the Napoleon Dynamite animated series.

For more information about Jon here: LINK

Jon will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Autograph Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Artist:


Ryan Benjamin!

Ryan Benjamin is a professional comic book artist. He began his career in 1993 working for Image Comics on the title Inside Image, where he also worked for WildStorm Productions. In 1996 he was hired by Marvel Comics and worked on some titles including Iron Man, Captain America and Cable. Shortly after, he started working for Dark Horse Comics on the title Ghost, where he contributed to the crossover with DC Comics Ghost/Batgirl. His first published work for DC was in 2007 on the title Teen Titans. Later on he would work on titles like Detective ComicsBatmanBatman and the Outsiders and a few more.

Most recently, Benjamin has been working for DC on titles like Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman and New Suicide Squad.

Ryan will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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For more information about Ryan and his work check out his website: LINK

Special Guest Artist 

Gary Martin!

Gary Martin started his career in comics as a background inker for DC in 1980. Since then he's inked for all the major companies, including Marvel, Disney, Dark Horse, Image, and Archie. His body of work includes: Blue Devil, Doom Patrol, Brave and the Bold, Spider-Man, Hulk, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and recently, Sonic the Hedgehog.


Gary was nominated for a Harvey Award for his inks over Steve Rude's Nexus, and is best known for his popular how-to book entitled, “The Art Of Comic Book Inking”. Gary also authored an eight volume graphic novel series called, "The Son Of Samson".


Currently, Gary is drawing stories for "Full Mag: Veterans Stories Illustrated", and a monthly comic strip for the "American Legion" magazine.

Gary will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Mike McKone!

Special Guest Artist:


Hailing from England, Mike McKone’s first published work was for DC Comics’ Justice League of America and Marvel Comics’ Punisher series. Over the years since he has illustrated almost every major character for the big two publishers, including lengthy runs on Teen Titans, Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. Recent projects were the Avengers: Endless Wartime and Justice League United. Now residing in the US, McKone is working on a creator owned project while providing covers and merchandising illustrations for clients such as Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Valiant, Dorling Kindersley and Converse.

Recently Mike completed 27 exclusive covers for Marvel Comics Star Wars saga spanning series! You can read more about it here on Star Wars.com website: https://www.starwars.com/news/mike-mckone-star-wars-covers


For more information about Jason check out his art gallery website: HERE

Mike will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guest Actor:

Mark Dodson!


His is, “A voice from the Dark Side,” voicing Jabba the Hutt’s cackling court jester, Salacious Crumb, in Star Wars Episode VI “Return of the Jedi!” Named by horror fans as, “The voice of their childhood nightmares,” for the mischievous gremlins and mogwais in the 1984 summer blockbuster hit, “Gremlins” and the 1990 sequel “Gremlins 2!”

He is the voices of many of the zombies in the godfather of zombie films, George Romero’s, 1985 cult classic, “Day of the Dead!”

He is, Mark Dodson


With over 30 years as a voice actor, Mark continues to add his unigue style of character voices to video games like “Star Trek Online,” “Nancy Drew,” “Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter,” “Heroes of Newerth,” “Smashmuck Monsters,” “Lucius,” and hundreds of other titles. Mark is the ongoing voice of Remingtion Rifles and Ammunition, Panasonic, Wild Turkey Whiskey, NASCAR, Mike’s Hard Lemonaide, and has been heard on thousands of other national commercials. Narrating for television series and specials on History Channel, Outdoor Channel, CBS Sports and ESPN, are among the many places you will find the voice of Mark Dodson.

The next time you see a commercial for, or take a trip through a Haunted House at Halloween, the many ghosts, goblins, monsters and zombies are quite likely to be the voices of Mark Dodson (Including at our very own Scarywood!)

Mark Dodson, a favorite voice actor of fans at Comic and Horror cons nationwide and an honorary member of the 501st Legion!


For more information about Mark check out his website: HERE

Mark will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Autograph Fee: TBA

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Sean Chen!

Special Guest Artist:


Sean Chen has been a major part of the comic book industry for over two decades. He started out at Valiant Comics, having been discovered by the legendary Barry Windsor Smith. His debut book, Rai And the Future Force, topped the charts with over 800,000 copies sold. He then moved on to Harbinger and Bloodshot before landing on their flagship title X-O Manowar.

In 1998, Chen found a new home at Marvel where he started what would become the longest run of his career working on Iron Man: Heroes Return.

For the next decade, Chen remained at Marvel and had his hands on a number of titles, including Elektra, Sensational Spiderman, Nova, and the Avengers. Chen is particularly adept at adapting his style to feel at home on a wide variety of books.

This skill was really showcased as he began to draw covers. His diverse art style allowed him to switch with ease on covers ranging from the pulp look of The Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment to the modern high-tech look of Transfomers for IDW, to the beautiful women of the Zenescope titles.

He currently lends his talents to all manner of comics related projects and advertising storyboards.


For more information about Sean check out his Instagram: HERE

Sean will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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The Honky Tonk Man!

Special Guest Hall of Fame Wrestler:


Though he may have resembled one of the most famous musicians of all time, The Honky Tonk Man would be the first person to tell you that Elvis Presley couldn’t shine his shoes, both in the ring and in the recording studio. With his hair perfectly slicked back, Colonel Jimmy Hart in his corner and his trusty guitar always within reach, he was one of the sneakiest Superstars in WWE history, holding the Intercontinental Title for 454 days, a record that stands to this day and earned the grappler a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Surprisingly, The Honky Tonk Man wasn’t always so cool, cocky, and bad. First boogying into WWE in 1986, he smiled and high-fived the WWE Universe all along the way. Honky had the stamp of approval from WWE Champion Hulk Hogan, who believed the sideburned Superstar would be a bona fide chart-topper inside the ring. The WWE Universe, however, didn’t share Hogan’s faith and relentlessly jeered the Elvis-like combatant.

Soon, Honky Tonk Man begged the WWE Universe for a vote of confidence. When the results came back overwhelmingly negative, he turned his back on WWE's fans, which may have been just what the doctor ordered. Adding Jimmy Hart as his manager, Honky hit the studio to lay down vocals on his own entrance music and showed a new confidence in the ring. After dispatching his opponents, he would often subject crowds to his singing, disingenuously thanking them for “being a beautiful audience.”

The Honky Tonk Man’s dastardly side helped him rack up victory after victory, earning him a title opportunity against Intercontinental Champion Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Honky used the ropes for leverage to pull off what is still considered one of the greatest upsets in sports-entertainment history. Almost immediately after winning the title, he declared weekly that he was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. While that may not have been the case during his reign’s infancy, he built a solid argument by holding on to the title for 454 days.

Honky, by hook or by crook, kept a tight hold on the Intercontinental Championship for nearly 13 months, which no Superstar before or after has come close to. The Ultimate Warrior put an end to The Honky Tonk Man’s reign at SummerSlam 1988 in under a minute when Honky issued an open challenge. After losing the title, he formed the tag team 'Rythym and Blues"with Greg Valentine, who dyed his trademark blond locks to jet black. The pair had a single, “Hunka Hunka Honky Love,” that allegedly went gold before their breakup in late 1990. 

The Honky Tonk Man left WWE in 1991, but has been known to pop up in WWE from time to time, whether as the manger for Rockabilly or reappearing in 2008 to show then-Intercontinental Champion, Santino Marella that he was still the greatest to hold the title via a guitar to the face. In 2019, The Honky Tonk Man was given WWE's greatest honor, induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He's cool. He's cocky. He's bad.


For more information about HTM on his WWE site: HERE

HTM will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Autograph Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Actor:

Cesar Garcia!


Cesar Garcia is a Mexican-American actor/producer/writer best known for his break out roles in Fast & Furious (2009) as Juvenal, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as No-Doze. Cesar has also starred in many other tv series such as “On My Block, Criminal Minds, Marvel’s The Runaways, NCIS Los Angeles, True Detective, Lopez, Weeds and The Shield”. To date, with over 60 credits to his name. He also performed his own stunts in 2009 in the fourth installment of Fast & Furious alongside the late Paul Walker. From starting out as an extra to now having lead and supporting roles in blockbuster films and hit television shows, the rest is history. Cesar is now one of the most sought out Latino actors in Hollywood!!!


For more information about Cesar check out his IMDB: HERE

Cesar will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Autograph Fee: TBA

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Special Guest Actor:

Jason Faunt!

Jason Faunt is an American actor who played the role of Wesley Collins in Power Rangers Time Force, as well as that of Alex, the former Red Time Force Ranger. He is also the voice of Aaron in the Resident Evil: Vendetta video game. Other projects he has worked on include Enuatti, Bad People, 666: Teen Warlock, The Wrong Child, The Grindhouse Radio, as well as playing Alexander the Great in Deadliest Warrior and Battleground: The Art of War.

Faunt grew up in the Chicago suburb of McHenry, Illinois. He attended McHenry High School East Campus. Due to his athletic prowess in high school, he used a partial baseball scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina, where he earned a business degree.  He originally was going to become a Major League Baseball player after graduating but moved to Los Angeles instead to pursue an acting career.


For more information about Jason check out his website: HERE

Jason will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

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Special Guests: Team Time Car.com

DeLorean Time Machine!


Paul "Doc" Nigh and Reba "Clara" Nigh are the owners of a replica DeLorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future. They are regular cast members on the Amazon Discovery TV Show "The Fireball Run" also known as "The Race to Recover America's Missing Children." They make a regular appearance each year for the last 10 years on the Hollywood Christmas Parade and do personal appearances across America. "The most loved and booked DeLorean Time Machine in the world" --TMZ



2017 with Doc in Ripley's "Believe it or Not" all of page 7, Fox Network TV Show "The Last Man on Earth", Discovery Channel "The Universe", Owl City Music Video "Deer in the Headlights". Top car magazine "The Robb Report", Heavy Metal Magazine "Revolver" with Musical group "Bullet for my Valentine" with appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, Hallmark Channel, NFL.com, and much more.



Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ability First, Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, Miracle Children's Network, Cops 4 Kids, CHiP's for Kids, Toys for Tots, Down Syndrome Foundation, and much more.

You can learn more about Team Time Car on their WEBSITE: www.TeamTimecar.com

Their DeLorean Time Machine will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Sitting Fee with Photo: TBA

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Special Guest Actor:

Dominic Pace!

Dominic Pace began his studying with members of the Actors Studio Mimi Turque and Susan Batson in 1995. He then moved on to William Esper’s two-year program where he studied under Terry Knickerbocker. He has been awarded “Best Actor” at the 2004 Palm Beach International Film Festival for his performance in the independent feature, Little Kings. He was a member of The MET Theater Company and the Tim Robbins Company, The Actors’ Gang in Los Angeles.

He has appeared in TV shows including Agents of SHIELD, Superstore, Veep, NCIS: Los Angeles, Cold Case and most recently, as the bounty hunter Gekko in The Mandalorian.

He has alos made numerous film appearances including Meglodon, The Demonic Dead and the upcoming Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.


For more information about Dominic check out his website: HERE

Dominic will be appearing all day Saturday & Sunday. 

Autograph Fee: TBA

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James O'Barr: Unable to Attend as of 1.8.20

1.8.20 Update: James O'Barr is unable to attend due to a previous commitment. James plans to make it up to everyone and join us 2021. He apologizes for any inconvenience

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